Core Competencies

Explore the core competencies that make up the Higher Ed sales representative role:

  • Planning and Analysis
  • Sales Process and Performance
  • Sales Productivity
  • Communication and Professionalism
  • Product and Solution Expertise

Expand each topic below to see the variety of factors that contribute to a sales rep's success.

Planning and Analysis

Key Performance Indicators

Business Acumen

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning - Account Level

Systems Literacy

Forecasting and Lead Generation

Sales Process and Performance

Customer Preparation


Information Gathering

Needs Investigation




Sales Productivity

Customer Preparation

Customer Stakeholder

Territory Marketing

Market and/or Channel Insight and Strategy

Managing Price

Communication and Professionalism

Internal Communication

External Communication

Business Composure

Problem Solving



Collaboration and Teamwork

Product and Solution Expertise

Content and Services

Resources and Tools

Pearson Value Proposition

Competitor Knowledge and Analysis