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Cell Biology

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14. Cell Signaling

Signaling in Plants



Plant Signaling

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Hi in this video we're gonna be talking about signaling in plants. So signaling evolved differently in plants and animals and that's the reason why that has this separate video. And so a lot of the things that we've talked about in animals don't necessarily have similar things in plants or act similar way. So for instance, plants have receptor kinase is like humans but in mammals and other animals. But their largest class isn't tyrosine kindnesses, which is what I've said before, but instead searing careening kindnesses. Additionally, plants don't have home a logs or similar molecules for things like Jak stat, which we talked about, but also for ones that we didn't talk about but are also still really important signaling pathways. Things like not went and hedgehog. Now we didn't talk about this because you don't need to know the mechanisms yet if you take more advanced biology classes, you will need to know these mechanisms. Um but plants don't have them. And so that's super important now. Instead plants have a lot of signaling molecules that animals don't have. So I bolted and highlighted now the two that you're gonna need to know and then italicize the ones that are also different but also aren't as important and you're less likely to be questioned on them. So the first there are toxins which stimulate plant growth and then you have ethylene stimulates fruit ripening. So these are the two main ones you're gonna want to know. But there's all these other ones as well that you know have to do a stem elongation cell division, cell dormancy sensing light you can imagine is super important for plants. Um, so all these signaling molecules are different in plants and very specific for plants, but not animals. So it's all very different in plants. So with that, let's have fun.

Plant and Animal signaling evolved differently.


Which signaling molecule stimulates fruit ripening?