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Empower students to actively participate in learning

Immerse students in learning 

Revel Programming amplifies expert subject matter with a host of dynamic multimedia learning tools, including activities, animations and videos – all integrated throughout the text. The result? An immersive experience that encourages students to read, explore and practice essential coding skills, while helping them better understand and apply their learning to master key programming concepts. By empowering students to actively participate in learning, Revel boosts engagement and improves results.

The Features and Benefits of Revel
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Key features

Deliver top content

Great content helps students think and reason. Revel combines world-class content, by top thought leaders, with tools supporting concept mastery.


Animations step students through the code line-by-line, showing what is happening in the program.

Auto-graded coding exercises

Easily assign auto-graded programming exercises that allow students to practice essential coding skills and master key programming concepts.

Video content

Relevant videos are integrated throughout the learning material to engage students and illustrate key concepts.

Check point questions and End of chapter quizzes

Drag and drop, fill in the blanks and MCQs are seamlessly woven throughout the text to allow students to check their understanding as they move through each chapter.

Performance Dashboard

Stay on top of performance at both an individual and class level. Monitor results for all assigned activities, including where reading has been assigned prior to or following classes. With insights from the dashboard at your fingertips, you’re able to shift your focus as needed to support student success.

Featured titles

Explore some of our best-selling titles available through Revel Programming, from renowned authors such as Liang and Gaddis.

“70% of respondents felt that Revel for Computer Science helped them better understand the course material”

– Study - University of Tromsø, Norway

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