Management and Organisational Behaviour, 13th edition

Published by Pearson (March 9, 2023) © 2023

  • Laurie J. Mullins

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ISBN-13: 9781292422398
Management and Organisational Behaviour
Published 2023

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ISBN-13: 9781292422381
Management and Organisational Behaviour
Published 2023


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Gain insight into people-organisational relationships and interrelated influences on human behaviour

Management and Organisational Behaviour, 13th edition, helps you understand the relationship between people and organisations, shedding new light on the understanding, prediction, and control of human behaviour at work.

Ranked as one of the Top Ten most influential texts in business and management in the world

According to the Financial Times' Teaching Power Rankings, 2021 (research by Open Syllabus)

This edition addresses recent contextual issues with a range of learning features, including conceptual mind maps and 'personal skills' and 'employability' sections to prepare you for life beyond the classroom.

This comprehensive text is ideal for under- and postgraduate study, as well as professionals training for management roles.

This edition includes a Companion Website.

0 Your study of organisational behaviour

Part 1 Organisational behaviour and work

  1. The people–organisation relationship
  2. The work environment
  3. Organisational conflict and stress

Part 2 Focus on the individual

  1. Personality and diversity
  2. Learning and development
  3. Perception and communication
  4. Work motivation and satisfaction

Part 3 Focus on groups and leadership

  1. Working in groups and teams
  2. Leadership in work organisations
  3. Managing people at work

Part 4 Focus on the workplace

  1. Organisational theory and structure
  2. Patterns of structure and workplace design
  3. Organisational control and power

Part 5 Focus on organisational environment

  1. Organisational culture and change
  2. Strategy, corporate responsibility and ethics
  3. Organisational performance and effectiveness


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