Learning Through Experience: On-Campus Jobs

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Anuj Saxena
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I am a veteran and currently a freshman at The University of Texas at Arlington majoring in Accounting and Information Systems. After only 8 months in college I have already involved myself in campus activities. I hold a plethora of positions here on campus. What I am finding through these activities is that it not only adds to the “college experience”, but also to my mental well-being. I have found that these activities strengthen me as an individual. That is why I want to share this with you, in hopes it drives you to become involved and perhaps better understand your own interests and desires.

One of my first campus jobs was tutoring. I tutored in history, English, and math. I went on to become a Peer Advising volunteer, in which I help new and international students adapt to the culture and navigate college. Thereafter, I worked as a Peer Educator making the campus a safe and more inclusive place by working against substance abuse, relationship violence, hazing and other social evils. Currently, I hold the position of a Residential Assistant (RA) in a residence hall. This job is fantastic because I get to meet new people, make a lot of new friends, and have a unique experience every day.

Each of these jobs gave me a different skill to be used in life. Some helped to improve my communication skills while some helped to improve my networking and management skills.

These jobs helped me overcome my shortcomings. Every morning I got up with a set of new goals to be achieved for the day. The result was me becoming more organized and academically sound.  All of these jobs pushed me to work harder in life for my own sake and others.

Working on campus is a great way to improve oneself. Every day you make a better version of yourself which indeed is the secret of your success in life. And that is what life is all about, continuously working to improve ourselves.

The ultimate challenge in life is not to compete against each other; it’s competing against ourselves, winning against our own bad habits and shortcomings. I go to sleep every night with a determination in mind that I am going to get up the next morning and make it a better day for myself and for those who matter in life.


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