Random Acts of Kindness: Paying It Forward

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Lia Machado
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During my second year of school I met a girl in my astronomy class who was struggling with school and life overall. I immediately decided to mentor her and offered to take all classes next semester together since our major was the same one, and that I would help her along the way. By the end of the following semester, her GPA improved and she changed many habits that were holding her back from becoming a better student.  

When an opportunity is given to us to help others, this should not be ignored. You never know when you will need a friendly hand to help you overcome a difficult time. But even if you don’t think you’ll ever need help, you might want to still consider this, because while you might not get anything in return, you will might help change someone’s life, and from my own experience, you can’t put a price on that type of action.

When we help others, not only are we improving their lives, but we are also paying it forward, because at some point, we were the ones being helped. Creating an unstoppable chain of good hearted actions can go a long way, beyond the imaginable.

We’ve seen this happen when we are buying lunch or coffee in a drive thru and at the window, as we take our payment out, we are told that the person before us paid for our order. It feels nice to know some stranger didn’t need recognition and simply felt the need to pay it forward.

For me, I would feel immense gratification when I see my classmate graduate with a rocking GPA and perhaps, as a mentor for another student in need of someone to believe in them and guide them through the finish line.

Random acts of kindness come in many different forms! Pearson Students, what is a way that you showed a random act of kindness, or were you the recipient of a random act of kindness?


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