Finding Balance Leads to Rewards

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Roxi Fam
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I graduated recently from the University of Houston, and towards the end I sometimes felt like I was stumbling towards the finish line. That final semester was blur of arduous nights of studying, rushed mornings, and caffeine breaks in between. I balanced taking a full load of 15 credits, working an internship, staying active in my community, and making time for meetings, events, as well as the people who are important to me. While the busy schedule I maintained throughout the semester took a big toll on me physically and emotionally, looking for ways to find balance helped me not only to survive, but to thrive.  The rewarding satisfaction resulting from my busy schedule quickly paid off when I saw the positive outcomes at school, work, and the events I attended. Although I was always on-the-go, I did not want to miss out on any of these opportunities and my last semester turned out to be the most rewarding semester of my undergraduate career.

For someone who is a busybody like myself, I find it a challenge to not keep moving because I am always on-the-go. In the midst of a busy schedule, I have learned the importance of finding balance and what it means to recharge. It is so easy to lose sight of what matters most at times because of our hectic schedules, making us forget to take a closer look into healthy living. Seeking creative ways to take a break from those schedules and deadlines helped refresh my drive to accomplish as much as I could before graduation day.

In a fast-paced world, relaxation could often be overlooked and mistaken for idleness when relaxation is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. We all need to recharge ourselves from time to time. Relaxation could be taking a day to rejuvenate by sleeping in, taking a nap, going for a walk, traveling, or having some quiet time.

I find that whenever I make time to relax, I can accomplish things better than working on sleep deprivation and exhaustion. If one is not able to focus, it is best to return to the task after taking a short break while doing something that is therapeutic. Productivity is very important in achieving successful results, but cannot happen when one’s stress radar is ragingly high. Therefore, finding and maintaining balance in life is an absolute necessity. How do you find a balance between work, school, and fun?


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