Quality over Quantity: Prioritize Like a Pro

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Roxi Fam
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College is one of the busiest times of my life. I wake up early to get ready and drive about an hour to get to school. I go to bed late at night after studying and preparing for class the next day. This process was repetitious for the past three years. I was limited on time and had to weigh the pros and cons of everything that took up space in my planner. I began to choose quality over quantity and it taught me how to value and prioritize my schedule better. Here are my tips to prioritize like a pro.

Be Selective

To make the most use of my time, I had to become selective about the commitments I made. This included the organizations I joined, who I could devote time to, and which classes were going to get most of my attention. I had to narrow down the most important tasks that needed immediate attention and the people who matter most. There were times I wished I could be in two places at once, but I had to decide which one would take precedence.

Set Priorities

In setting priorities, I learned to evaluate the quality of an event, task, accomplishment, and friendship. If something is poor quality, it will not endure for long. College allowed me the opportunity to really put this into practice and determine what was best for the long run. I would have to make tough decisions not only for those moments but also for my future goals.

Balance Both

There are times when quantity is needed but we must not skimp out on the quality. Quantity may be needed during the busier times of the semester. It is important to be able to balance both quantity and quality in life. However, it is more important to know when the right timing is to choose one over the other and discern its value.

It is important to find your focus in life, and prioritize things that really matter. Choose quality over quantity.


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