Declutter Your Mind: Organization Tips for a New Semester

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Lianna Mae Smith
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A new semester of school reminds us to reassess how we will organize for school and for our lives in general. In the past, I have lost sight of my goals due to clutter in my schedule and home. So I believe that the very best way to stay organized for the school semester is to literally clean house. Get rid of or store away anything and everything that will not support you as you go through school. Organizing your mindset for the semester is also a huge part of this process. Maybe you will find my tips helpful as you try to keep it all together in this new semester.

Put away all distractions

Commit your mind to school. This consists of putting away all the things that you already know you won’t have time for during the semester. For example, I know that I can’t play Skyrim without spending hours and hours on the Xbox 360. Therefore, I put away my Xbox where it is difficult to set it up. That way I know that my time will remain effective and organized. This helps to actively prioritize my school schedule over my video game schedule.

Get ahead of chores

Declutter, take out the trash, dust, wash and put away everything so all your surfaces are clean, low-maintenance, and ready to go! You will start the semester off right and feel motivated to keep this organization going.  My process involves cleaning all the nooks and crannies of the house.   Finally, I sit down and make a budget to ensure I won’t have to worry too much about managing my money over the next few months. It sounds like a lot of work, but if you do it before you go back to school, it will be worth it.

Make a schedule!

Block time for every single thing you will do into a schedule – including time to get organized! Set time aside consciously for things that you must get done in your day. That includes preparing meals, grooming, playing with pets, etc. This may sound awfully regimented and not very spontaneous, but you will find that you can reach your goals if the tasks you complete each day are tied to those goals. Leaving the day open to interpretation means you can quickly get off track. It might be fun in the moment, but it will take you so much longer to enjoy the satisfaction of achieving your dreams.

Overall, most of this pre-semester preparation is meant not only to help you clear your space and save you time, but also to clear your mind and help you focus as you move through the semester. You can save yourself a lot of stress if you keep your eye on the prize!

What is the best way you stay organized throughout the semester? Share with the Pearson Students community by commenting below!

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