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Avni Bali
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College has taught me a lot – even outside the classroom. I am not only tested on scantrons – but also my social skills, professional skills, and time management.  Each semester in college has taught me something new about myself. The most important lesson learned is to always put yourself first.

Social freedom

Friends are our support system. They are our second family and the people we share our ups and downs with. When you come to college, this sense of social freedom takes over. With no parents to answer to, we get consumed with the fun of being “free”. Sometimes that freedom can become a problem in one’s college journey.

Losing track of my own needs

It’s hard not to get wrapped up in the social aspect of college. I occasionally get so involved in my friendships that I forget that my feelings and state of mind matter – or more importantly – that other aspects of college matter. I would put their needs before mine because I wanted to be social and the  “go-to girl” who was down to have fun and do things all the time.

This approach wasn’t bad at the time. I made many memories that I will cherish and remember. Those friends are still my closest friends. However, I forgot about myself and my own journey. I made socializing my priority and my academics took a hit.

I am important

By refocusing on my values and morals, I realized that I am important. My feelings and mindset matter. I can’t expect to prioritize fun and still be able to achieve my academic goals. I need to prioritize myself before others. That realization changed the course of my college experience. I no longer felt the “need” to be “social” because I had a better perspective.

Bouncing back

The openness I felt and the new sense of freedom of being on top of my schoolwork and professional life made it easier for me to be social. I thought less and lived more.

It is not wrong to be social; it’s about prioritization. My college journey has taught me that one can bounce back from anything, but it is about realizing your mistake before it’s too late. My mistake was lack of prioritization and value for myself. Every person handles life differently. Due to my caring personality, being too social became my weakness. I want to say to others, “don’t make the same mistake as me”. Talk to yourself and try to find your weakness. If you make a mistake, then learn from it. Life will always keep coming with new circumstances.

Pearson Students: How do you prioritize? What changes would you make to your challenges in your college career? Share with the student community by commenting below!

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