MyDietAnalysis: More Than Just a Homework Tool

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Jenna Iten
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When it comes to college courses, it is rare to find programs and materials that actually reach outside of the classroom. MyDietAnalysis is a program that does just that.

I first experienced the tool during an introductory nutrition class. Since then I have had the program in two other courses. It’s super easy to use and provided a great support system if I needed further assistance. I have used MyDietAnalysis in all my courses for the final projects that recorded my exercise and food intake over a specific period of time.

Each time I used the tool I found more ways to improve my diet and exercise. The program gives you recommendations for your food intake and the amount of exercise you should do in order to achieve the goal you set at the beginning of the program. I have always wanted to lose some weight and tone up my body, but I never really knew where to start.

MyDietAnalysis showed me exactly what to do. It also made my goal a lot more achievable. Instead of setting my weekly goals too high and getting disappointed when I wasn’t reaching them, the program would set my goals more realistically for each week so that I was able to achieve all of them. As a student pursuing a career in the healthcare field, good health is very important to me.

This program not only helped me in my courses, it helped me find ways in which I can improve my own health. I recommend MyDietAnalysis to not just those who have it as a requirement for a course, but everyone who wants to implement healthy habits into their everyday life.


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