The Value of Greek Life

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Logan Perlaky
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As an incoming freshman at the University of Toledo, I was immature and lacked motivation in finding my place at my college and in this world. During my first semester I made friends and maintained a 4.0 GPA, yet didn’t really understand why I was there. I lacked a purpose for being in college. With no direction and no satisfaction with my performance, I decided I needed to make a change. 

Fearing the Unknown

Before entering college, I applied for a scholarship known as the Balanced Man Scholarship given away by Sigma Phi Epsilon at my university. They had a banquet to give scholarships to young men like me and even invited my parents! I met amazing men that I wanted so badly to learn from. Yet, after all of this, I was still afraid to join. I was afraid to give myself to a fraternity. I was too afraid of the stereotypes that came with a fraternity so I refused to participate in recruitment. At the end of my first semester I found myself academically successful, but with no meaningful relationships or memories. I was not about to let my time at my university go to waste, so I took a huge risk.