Revel™ is an interactive learning environment that allows students to read, practise, and study in one continuous experience. It brings together trusted textbook content, quizzes, videos and other activities — in one location.

Revel enables you, the lecturer, to:

  • increase student learning gain through engaging content 
  • tailor the course reading to your own teaching
  • monitor where your students are struggling
  • use your face-to-face teaching time more effectively by motivating students to come to lectures and seminars prepared.


Interactive learning

Activities and videos are integrated into textbook content, helping students engage with concepts.

Assignment calendar

The detailed calendar enables you to clearly indicate which readings are due on which dates.

Valuable data

The comprehensive performance dashboard helps you monitor assignment completion and individual student achievement.

Highlighting function in Revel

Highlighting and notes

Students can personalise Revel by making their own notes and highlights. You can also share notes with your cohort.

Instant feedback from Revel

Instant feedback

Activities are automatically marked, enabling students to track their progress.

Writing task in Revel

Peer to peer learning

The shared writing and forum features allow you to assign group work.

Using Revel in class

Use Revel to assign tasks before class, such as reading, watching a video or attempting a quiz. This approach allows you to cover content in more depth during contact hours and to improve student experience. Revel also enables students to come to class prepared.

In a pilot at Swansea University, 250 students were invited to use Revel to support their study. Those using Revel covered more content during independent study. They completed Question 2 in half the time and showed better assessment results.

Use of Revel allowed more time for in depth teaching, and encouraged students to use higher level cognitive skills such as critical thinking in contact hours.

The difference Revel makes to how contact hours are used

Success stories

"I was pleasantly surprised by the extent to which I could actually sit back and let the seminar group discuss the problem question among themselves... normally they wouldn’t have reached the stage of reading academic work in advance of the seminar."

— Lecturer, Swansea University

Support services

Flexible procurement

Full Enrolment Access allows your institution to adopt Revel or other resources module-wide, programme-wide, or institution-wide, giving equal access to all students.

Faculty training

We offer on-campus and webinar training to ensure that you and your faculty team are confident to use our digital teaching resources. This service includes aspects such as demonstrations and setting up student log ins.