Cutting-edge technology and features

Learning reimagined

Brief interactives and videos are integrated into content, helping students engage with concepts.

Assignment calendars

Detailed assignment calendar lets you clearly indicate which readings are due on which dates.

Performance dashboard

Comprehensive performance dashboard helps you monitor assignment completion and assess individual student achievement.

Disciplines covered by Revel in the UK

Revel is currently available for Management, Organisational Behaviour and Marketing. It will be piloting in Strategy and Psychology, specifically Biopsychology, later this year.

Endorsed by educators and students

"I was pleasantly surprised by the extent to which I could actually sit back and let the seminar group discuss the problem question among themselves... normally they wouldn’t have reached the stage of reading academic work in advance of the seminar."

— Lecturer, Swansea University

"I remembered more things and I had more background knowledge because of Revel."

— Student, University of Sheffield