Revel for Organisational Behaviour

Empower students to actively read and engage in learning

Encourage active reading and engage your students with the most complex concepts in Organisational Behaviour.

Revel is a digital learning tool that offers students the ability to read, practice and reflect in a single resource. Filled with multimedia and interactives, Revel provides a positive teaching and learning environment to support student development.

With Revel, you can keep track of students' progress via the performance dashboard. Revel is an online teaching software that also allows you to quickly identify the students who struggle or haven't completed their assignments.


Revel for Organisational Behaviour
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Key features

Bring concepts to life

Difficult concepts are broken down into manageable chunks and illustrated with interactive, case studies, real-world scenarios, surveys, journal questions, interactives and much more.


Interactive exercises

Students are encouraged to reinforce their learning with multiple choice question, drag and drop exercises, surveys, show & hide, flashcards and other activities that develop critical thinking skills.

Assessment tools

Discussion prompts, MCQs, short- answers, assessment tools (including test banks and answer keys), cases, exercises, teaching guides, chapter synopsys, and much more.

Progress tracking and analytics

Access both individual and class performance with dashboard and analytics, grade sync, supplementary online materials, and an array of additional assets.



Mini-sims included for topics at the end chapters along with surveys.

Anytime anywhere 

Revel provides flexibility to tailor course reading to educators' timetables and set assigned chapters to cohorts easily which they can access anytime and anywhere by students.

"I thought it was fantastic. I enjoyed it. I would make it core/only text resource we need for the module. I would eliminate all the rest."

- Janja Song, ML OB at Kingston Business School

Success Stories

Revel for Organisational Behaviour by Southall

Revel for Organizational Behavior by Jane Southall is a modern, highly interactive learning resource for Organizational Behavior modules. It helps students learn concepts, apply theory, and develop critical thinking, boosting their confidence for working in today’s complex business environment. The resource combines experiential learning activities with clear explanations of how the theories impact business and offers a media-rich experience with content drawn from various platforms.

Revel for Organisational Behaviour

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