Revel for Economics

Help your students bring the most contemporary Economics concepts to life with Revel®. Ideal for those who need to grasp key concepts in the field of economics, Revel will encourage your students to actively apply what they learn in real-world context.

Engage your students and prepare them for summative assessments

More than the traditional course material, Revel will support your students’ preparation for summative assessments, by combining powerful multimedia with leading textbook content  in one seamless multimedia experience. With a range of multiple-choice questions, flashcards and drag-and-drop exercises, your students can develop their problem-solving skills and check their understanding of the concepts as they go.

You can measure student learning and keep track of their progress via the Performance Dashboard. The dashboard will enable you to immediately identify the students who have not completed their reading, as well as areas they might need to improve.

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Revel for Economics by Sloman, Garratt, and Guest

Revel for Economics offers and array of features for economics students:

  • over 900 assessment questions, along with multi-step problems, concept checks, quizzes & end-of-chapter tests
  • graphic tools illustrating data trends and economic models, so your students can practice and apply their visualisations skills
  • 146 videos including figure animations with audio from the authors, bringing static economic models to life
  • case studies with open-response journal questions at the end, allowing students to explain their reasoning, analyse and reflect on the results

Watch the video to find out about the Economics titles available in Revel and the features and benefits which make Revel an interactive learning experience for your students.

Revel for Economics
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Also available with Revel: Economics for Business

Revel® for Economics for Business aims to help your students get a deeper understanding of the factors that affect decisions in the business environment.

The features available with this Revel, among others, present multimedia content such as figure animation videos of complex graphs, demonstrating the application of data in theoretical analysis and encouraging active learning.

 Furthermore, the Sloman news blog will allow your students to access a wealth of the most up-to-date knowledge and information regarding their course.

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