Get ahead in the holidays: Extracurricular activities, networking and voluntary work

Whether you’re leaving school soon or coming up to the holidays, here’s how you can get a head start and give your career plans a boost in your time off.

Get involved in extracurricular activities

This could be anything that you do outside of school or paid work, but if it’s something that helps you to become a well-rounded, responsible person it will look good on your CV too! It might be something like doing work experience, or helping out at a local club, activity or event.

Getting involved in extracurricular activities is a fantastic way to:

  • gain new skills and develop the ones you already have get more insight into the sectors and industries that you are thinking of working in
  • do work experience that you can add to your CV
  • start building links with employers or industries – don’t underestimate the importance of networking and contacts for getting ahead in your chosen career 
  • build your confidence!