Your questions answered

My daughter is studying level 3 Extended Certificate in Health & Social Care. They took unit 1 exam in January and should have taken unit 2 this summer (2021). I understand no exams or TAG for year 12 this year?

When are we getting our certificate and how do you grade the assignment?

My son isn't skilled at writing and if they do have to predict his grade, can he just do a presentation or something similar in order to meet the content requirement?

How are UK BTECs being awarded this year?

What is teacher assessment and how will it work for vocational qualifications this summer?

Which qualifications will be getting teacher-assessed grades, which will involve taking adapted assessments and which will have to be postponed?

Why has this system been chosen?

What will teachers base grades on if learners aren’t doing exams or assessments?

What about the BTEC students who sat external assessments in January?

Are you using an algorithm this year to calculate final grades?

Will UCAS applications be affected?

What date will I get my results?

If we don’t agree with the grade my child receives, can we appeal?