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  • 7 Skills for Right Now: Proactivity

    Hearts and minds

    In the penultimate article of the “7 Skills for Right Now” series, Emma Sue Prince examines how being proactive – placing your energy only onto what you have control over – can immediately help us feel better as we move towards solutions and even start to influence what we cannot control.

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  • 7 Skills for right now: Integrity

    Continuing the “7 Skills for Right Now” series, this week suggests how living with and modelling integrity can give us much stronger communication currency with others.  

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  • 7 skills for right now: empathy

    Skills visualisation with gears

    Continuing the “7 Skills for Right Now” series, this week offers you guidance on how harnessing our ability to empathise can both fuel connections and help you regulate your emotions in times of stress.

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  • Guest blog: 7 skills for right now

    7 skills for right now

    We do not like change. Yet right now, we are surrounded by more change and uncertainty than many of us will ever have experienced or expected to experience in our lifetimes. In this series of blogs, we explore seven different skills that are designed to support you as you navigate this period of uncertainty and change. 

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  • Succeeding in your online assessments

    Succeeding in your online assessments

    You are likely to be approaching your assessment submission time, a hugely important time in anyone’s learning journey and you will be keen to maximise your opportunities to succeed.

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  • Collaborating online

    Collaborating online

    Group work can often be a source of dread for students. Uncertainty can surround how your group will work together, whether your grade will be influenced by your group members, the clarity of task instructions and, in the current situation, the physical distance between group members. 

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  • Utilising online study resources

    Utilising online study resources

    During the coronavirus pandemic, you will no longer be able to visit your library to access textbooks and journals. Instead, you will only be able to use online study materials.

    Though you may be used to accessing study resources online, you may need to develop some new skills to be able to utilise your online resources effectively.

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  • Establishing an effective study routine

    You will now likely be well under way with studying online. The current situation has seen educators adapt quickly to structuring online courses and providing activities and resources to support their learners. 

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  • Engaging with your tutors and peers

    Engaging with your tutors and peers online

    In our first blog, we shared some advice for getting started with online learning. Many learners will be joining you in learning online in the coming days and weeks, as educators move to online-only teaching methods.

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  • Getting started with online learning

    Getting started with online learning

    Your university has announced it’s moving to online-only teaching, so what does that mean for you and how can you make the most of this change in how you will study?

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