Three ways my PSAB experience made me a better student

I was part of PSAB during 2014/2015 and believe it was worth every moment of my time.

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Going into second year I was apprehensive about the workload and being part of such a crucial student body, but I found out I could handle and even excel at both. Here’s how the board helped me…

1 - Talking confidently on a topic

Across the year, the different projects brought different challenges, but always required a final presentation from each PSAB member to round up findings and bring closure. This was as much for the audience of Pearson colleagues in attendance as it was for us, and I really felt the benefits by the end. I knew what we had found in the project would be useful and this helped our ability to articulate the insightful information.

I have since seen the difference when having to speak publicly at university, particularly in my marketing strategy module that requires fortnightly presentations on our progress.

2 - Top researcher

Without a shadow of a doubt PSAB pushes you to take new risks. From the beginning you are given a worthwhile project and are challenged to utilise your time to effectively gain knowledge that will help you make informed insights. My research skills were greatly increased when I had to conduct a focus group and a questionnaire at my university. As a result, our recommendations would help transform one of Pearson’s new higher education products. I took this experience into my degree course, analysing markets for a report I was writing.

3 - Better CV talking points

Being on the board has given me a unique talking point going forward in my career. The fact that I am able to talk about my contribution to higher education product development, alongside Pearson, is a unique selling point, invites questions and invokes so many positive responses. As an alumnus, I feel it necessary to continue giving back to the board, helping where I can and seeing the progression of the board.

Niel Lee is a final-year student of Marketing & Management at the University of Sussex. Niel was a member of PSAB in 2014/15.

Portrait of Niel Lee