FAQs about MyMarketingExperience

Find answers to frequently asked questions about MyMarketingExperience.

General FAQs

Where can I look to see my team’s score and the scores of our competitors?

How long does each round last in the simulation?

Can my lecturer see my decisions and actions?

How do the news items affect the game?

What is the difference between company name and user name?

I am making lots of sales but still scoring badly. Why?

I've bought some market research. What happens now?

What are the orange i boxes?

How is the market made up?

How does your market share affect demand?

Is there a limit to the number of characters/words you can enter into a text box?

Do you get credit for buying market research, or do you only get credit for acting on it sensibly?

Why is my work disappearing when I click ‘Save’?

Can I change my decisions once a quarter has ended?

Question 1 FAQs

Why is the lowest price for a pair of jeans €55? This is not realistic.

Question 2 and Question 3 FAQs

Why do my selections in Strategic Decisions keep resetting?

Why is my target market zero?

What does this mean? Measurability: X persons

What does this mean? Substantiability: X potential turnover (€)

What does this mean? Differentiability: X%

What does this mean? Accessibility: X persons

What does this mean? Actionability: 0%

Question 4 FAQs

Why can't I change my KPIs any more?

Question 5 FAQs

How are the promotion costs calculated?

How often are costs calculated for the promotional mix?

Question 6-Question 8 FAQs

I paid for the supplier check, but I didn’t hear anything. What happened?

Question 8 FAQs

What happens when you buy market research in Q8?