FAQs about MyStrategyExperience

Find answers to frequently asked questions about MyStrategyExperience.

What is the structure of the simulation?

Do I have to complete the phases in order? Can I do Phase 3 before doing Phase 1 or Phase 2?

How will we measure our success?

Do I have to do the full strategic position analysis in Phase 1?

Do I have to do the full business plan in Phase 2: Strategic Choices?

Do I have to do the assessments in the section 'Assessment: Test and apply your knowledge'?

Once I have started Phase 3, can I go back to Phase 1?

Phase 3 is structured around a series of Board meetings – can you tell me more about the purpose of these?

In Phase 3, how many Board meetings are there?

In Phase 3, I would like to have some more information about certain agenda items before making a decision. Is anything else available?

How do I join a class group?

How do I play on an individual basis?

Can I change my mind after I've submitted my Board meeting decisions?