Revel pilot in Social Psychology, University of Iceland

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We asked educator Harpa Lind Jónsdóttir (University of Iceland) about her experience using Revel as a teaching tool in the two-semester, Social Psychology course.

“The students I spoke with like Revel and say it helped them. Our experience is that those who used it are also high in class participation.” Harpa Lind Jónsdóttir, University of Iceland

Overall, the experience of using Revel as a teaching and learning tool was positive, according to educator Harpa Lind Jónsdóttir.

Setting point-based questions for assessment and monitoring progress via features such as the outcomes research tool were among the functionalities that supported course delivery and benefited the students.

As part of the institution’s goal to improve research and overall academic outcomes for students by 2026, Harpa is confident that Revel is a tool that can help them achieve this goal.

What students say about using Revel® in their Psychology course

“I feel like more people would read the books if they were as manageable as REVEL.” Student of Social Psychology, University of Iceland

The students loved combining the practice questions with their study of the content material. Some of the other features they enjoyed were the regular quizzes and the pop-up text explaining the key concepts of the textbook.

As a result, many students agreed Revel was more interactive and overall superior to the regular print book material, making it the ideal interactive platform for the modern student.

For more information about what the students thought of using the Revel® pilot in Social Psychology, read the report in full below.

Read the full report

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