MyLab Economics experience with Kjetil Andersson, University of Agder, Norway

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Associate Professor of Economics Kjetil Andersson describes his experience using MyLab Economics for the past five years as part of his course, Introductory Economics, at the University of Agder, Norway. He is also sharing valuable tips for the instructors using MyLab for the first time. 

With a large cohort of about 400 students, Kjetil Andersson’s course Introductory Economics is divided between lecture time and group work sessions. Kjetil uses MyLab for task assignments during the group sessions, and the three mandatory assignments students need to pass before taking the final exam. 

Furthermore, Kjetil also encourages the students to use MyLab as a self-study tool to familiarise themselves with the main concepts of the course. 


Introductory Economics by Darron Acemoglu: the process of choosing the specific textbook 

Economics focuses on the discipline as an empirical science. As a very well-paced introductory text, it responds to the needs of Kjetil’s course and has helped him achieve his goals. 

As he admits, the main reason he chose to adopt the specific textbook is the large cohort size: 

“Because of the cohort size and number of students, I quickly decided I wanted a textbook with digital resources. I found a new textbook, ordered a copy, had a look and liked it.” 

– Kjetil Andersson, Associate Professor, University of Agder, Norway 

As an effective self-study tool, MyLab offers the features students need to work with to understand the essential concepts of the discipline. 

The students also have the opportunity to log in to MyLab straight after the lectures and test their understanding themselves, gain valuable exam practice experience or use it in the group sessions. 


The benefits of MyLab for the educator 

Kjetil stresses the time-saving factor of using MyLab Economics for his assignments. The bank of questions available with MyLab does not require much assistance from his part, which, as he admits, “basically function on their own”.  

And this is one of the main reasons he uses MyLab: 

“Obviously, the time I save by having this tool is the main reason I choose to use MyLab Economics.” 

– Kjetil Andersson 

Instructors can also moderate the number of questions they assign –especially to the group sessions, as this can sometimes be underestimated during the initial stages of using the tool. They also have the opportunity to adapt the different functionalities of MyLab to fit their needs, such as removing the multiple attempts for correct answers to further challenge student thinking.

The course material the first-year students use at the University of Agder, Norway, is available in our online catalogue for you to request your free sample copy today: 

Daron Acemoglu, David Laibson and John List, Economics, Global Edition, 3rd edition – available in eBook, Print and MyLab®Economics formats. 

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