The 4 Pillars: Abacus efficacy research

To ensure children master a robust understanding and secure foundation in maths, Abacus follows a ‘four-pillar’ approach based on research.

The Four Pillars approach underpins effective teaching and learning in maths in relation to calculation and is the cornerstone upon which we have built Abacus.

Research tells us that children need to understand the fundamentals of what they're doing in maths. To ensure children master a robust understanding and secure foundation, the Four Pillar approach understands that:

  • Children need to have an appreciation of our number system and strong grasp of place value.
  • Children need a really good bank of number facts.
  • Children need an exposure to consistent and developmental models and images.
  • Children need a comprehension of the key mathematical functions based on doubling and halving.

Written by Dr Naomi Norman (Director, Techademic Ltd), the following reports are an examination of some of the most cited research into each of the Four Pillars, specifically in relation to teaching place value, number facts, images and models, and doubling and halving.