Becoming a Strong Woman in the Job Market: A Student's Review of "Lean In"

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Avni Bali
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Down time is the best time to learn. So this past summer I took the opportunity to use my down time to read the book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg who is currently Chief Operation Officer at Facebook and a former Google executive. From her eBook, I learned a lot on how to become a better person and a strong woman as I enter the job market. This book review provides some takeaways from her book.

Don’t hesitate to take risks

Sandberg highlights how women have the tendency to hesitate when taking on new challenges because we tend to worry if we have the skills to do the new challenge or even if we are good enough to be a part of the new challenge. She stresses to be bold and to go for it. Confidence is key. So a strong woman needs to believe in herself, take on new challenges, and learn she goes.

Think beyond the ladder

Sandberg stresses in her book that women should not work to just go up the ladder but rather to spread our wings and try everything. Do things you want to and take on challenges that you see are interesting and beneficial. Explore! Don’t stop because you think you reached the top. Opportunities are endless!

Share the work

Balancing career and family is something every woman faces. Sandberg argues that the conversation needs to change and women need to ask their partners to step up. Have the conversation. Don’t let this debate hold you back, rather make it your strength and set expectations. Women tend to not drive their careers because of personal commitments. Sandberg highlights that both can happen – a strong woman will find the balance and have that conversation.

Sandberg’s book highlighted many obstacles women face in the workforce. Using her own experience, she shows how you can rise above it all , become a strong woman, and make an impact with your career. You can become the next Sheryl Sandberg and all you have to do is Lean In. Women help women and the conversation will change. It’s all about confidence and belief.


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