Don't Be Afraid to Seize New Opportunities While in College

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Doralicia Giacoman-Soto
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College can be a period of learning through trial and error, but these lessons can only be acquired through experience. There can certainly be growth and learning from experiencing regret over what we didn’t do. You’ll gain much greater and richer learning from actually being part of experiences than avoiding important experiences due to fear. Let’s wave goodbye to fear, and say hello to amazing opportunities! Here are several that every college student could benefit from and shouldn’t be afraid to seize while at college.

Take elective classes unrelated to your major.

Have you ever wanted to take a course not related to your major, but were worried it might reflect badly with your transfer school of choice? Say you’re an English major and wanted to take a carpentry class.

Many schools actually encourage students to take classes outside of their area of study to expand their knowledge. Just make sure that the course fits somewhere within your credit (or transfer credit) requirements. Taking electives allows you to learn about yourself and you might discover something new you’re passionate about. You may also gain a better understanding of how you feel about your current major.

Also, it could be helpful to take an elective that is complementary to your major, such as taking photography and communication courses if you’re a film major! The courses can strengthen important areas of knowledge and skills and show that you are interested in branching out of your main area of study.

Don’t be afraid of starting your own student club or organization.

Ever searched for a club or organization for a particular interest but there wasn’t one at your college campus? Well, what about starting your own?

It might seem daunting, but if it’s something you’re passionate about then it is definitely worth pursuing. My college has an anime club, a club uncommon at most colleges and universities, but because students were driven to make a club about anime, they made it happen. Plus, starting your own student club or organization can show that you had the initiative and necessary leadership skills to start your own campus organization.

Take part in college events.

While not every college event will suit your interests or be related to your field, it is important to consider being part of your college’s events – including college job fairs and student club events. Embrace the amazing experiences they can open up, including potential professional networking.


Freelancing can be just as valid and rewarding as other work opportunities. Whether doing freelance writing, marketing, tutoring, or something else related to your field, it allows you to practice and develop valuable skills. It can also keep you active in your field, learn, and get real work exposure and experience.

Network and meet new people.

It’s important to be open to meeting new people and establishing new professional and personal relationships in this new chapter of your life. Not only because there’s nothing wrong with expanding your friend list but because some of these college students will be your classmates, share a similar career path as you, or in some other way be part of your college journey. These people will see you grow, will likely relate to you and your experiences, and can offer constructive advice.

Be open to meeting new people by attending and making the most of your college’s events, joining clubs you’re interested in (or starting one?) and seizing other college opportunities that head your way.

Your college experience should be just that…your experience. Don’t let doubts, fears, inner or outside pressures define what your college experience can be. Don’t be afraid to seize potential learning opportunities that may come your way. Wave goodbye to fear, and make the most of your college career!