Making the most of your last true summer

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Mitchell Drysdale
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For most students, the first three years of college are grueling and long. Constantly trying to bump the GPA, get involved on campus, and make as much of a difference as possible. But once senior year comes around, most people are ready for some relaxing. Whether it be during or after senior year, you should give yourself a bit of time to enjoy yourself before you get into the real world. Personally, I wanted to find a way of enjoying myself during AND after senior year. So, I have done a few things and have a few things planned, but I want to tell you what fun things you can do to make your last true summer unforgettable.

Take that dream vacation

This option, of course, takes a decent bit of financial planning in order to pull off. For me, I have always wanted to hike somewhere that’s so high that it helps me conquer my incredible fear of heights (yeah, don’t ask). So I am taking a trip to Norway for three weeks to hike up some of the most beautiful mountains and fjords. Since you don’t know when exactly your next truly free chunk of time is, fill it with a trip you’ve always dreamed of!

Take time for yourself

I think too many people don’t take enough time for their own personal health and well-being. This summer, make time for yourself – whether that be meditating, reading, listening to music, or just doing something you love by yourself. As someone who’s worked hard on personal health, I can tell you that it helps you be happier and calmer. Also, Netflix and food can be good for you too :).

Try to learn something new

When you have a million things going on, it’s hard to find time to tackle something new. For me, I had always wanted to learn a completely different language and learn to play guitar. I ended up choosing to learn guitar. Because I’ll be learning something that I’ve really wanted to learn, I will be able to stay driven and will be able to sufficiently fill any free time to learn this craft.

Do what you love

You don’t necessarily have to do something new with your extra time in the summer. You can also just do what you love. Whether that be sleeping, running, going to the beach, whatever! Use the time to make yourself happy by sticking with your favorite things. Personally, I’ve played golf my whole life and I plan on playing a LOT this summer!


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