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Anna Wagenhauser
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As a soon-to-be graduating senior, I’m taking time to look back at the wonderful memories I have made throughout my college experience. When I think about my academic success and work experience, being a Pearson Campus Ambassador has been one of the highlights of my professional and personal growth as a student. I remember interviewing and thinking to myself, ‘I’m an Economics major – what would a sales and marketing internship do for me?’ Now, almost 2 years later, I’m currently working full time in sales and marketing. Through this internship I have met amazing PCAs from across the country, and have worked with intelligent, caring, and dedicated sales reps. I even spent a week in Chicago demonstrating Pearson products at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) convention, where I met a life-long friend and flew by myself for the first time. I have gained immense confidence in myself and my capabilities as an employee and a person by working at Pearson.

During my reflection, I noted three areas where I have seen the most growth because of the PCA program:

Creative thinking

As an artistic person, the PCA role has nurtured my creative abilities. Much of the internship includes providing creative feedback, from naming new products to critiquing product functionality and appeal. My opinion has always been valued; even when PCAs express negative feedback on products, Pearson’s team accepts it with open arms, and continuously asks how they can improve.

I have a wonderful district manager who recognizes my love of marketing, and she gives me projects that relate to my skills and interests. It’s awesome to receive encouragement and praise for doing work that I love. On a personal level, this creative experience has given me the confidence and knowledge to work as a social media manager at a local marketing company, where I have realized that I don’t need a marketing degree to be a “marketing expert.”

Constructive feedback

I owe much of my professional growth to the guidance of Pearson’s Ohio sales team. My sales reps and district manager are quick to give me projects, and I’ll admit that at times I feel overwhelmed. But they know I can handle it, and are there to give me constructive feedback. For example, last month I was drafting a follow-up email to a professor. My product marketing manager and former sales rep, Alexa, asked that I show her my email draft so she could review it. Later that day, I checked my phone to see a 3-minute voicemail from Alexa, complimenting my draft and giving me constructive feedback. Not only did Alexa take time out of her schedule to train me, but she even called me the following morning to discuss what I learned.

Finding comfort in being uncomfortable

Over my almost 2 years of being a PCA, I have been repeatedly pushed out of my comfort zone. I have become comfortable being the youngest person in the room, the only one without a completed college degree, and the one with the least work experience. Though that sounds scary (and sometimes it has been), Pearson’s team has supported me throughout this experience to help me become the best version of myself. I’m truly thankful for the confidence, communication skills, and independence I have gained through the PCA program.

If you are a college student and interested in learning more about the Pearson Campus Ambassador program, I encourage you to check out their website, as Pearson may be hiring on your campus!


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