A letter to my peers: Stay optimistic and just breathe

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Jaylen Brown
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This past week, I flew from my university in Orlando to my family’s new home in San Angelo, Texas for spring break. I was expecting to spend no more than five days here; however, little did I know that I wouldn’t be going back at all this semester. The COVID-19 outbreak hit me hard and was unexpected. As a student, I’m confused and struggling to see what will happen next. Because my family just moved to Texas this past year, this will impact me socially, as I don’t know anyone. It will also affect me in my studies, as I’ll be learning online for the rest of the semester. I realize that many other students are experiencing the same thing I am going through.

Social Impact

If you have been feeling as if you are alone in this, know that you aren’t. This is only my second time being at my new home in a different state. Unfortunately, I am already feeling lonely and miss my friends so much. I’ve also seen that others have started to feel symptoms of depression and anxiety because of being quarantined. Although I’m not physically near my friends, I have been constantly keeping in contact with them via FaceTime, phone calls, texting, and social media. I strongly encourage everyone to consistently reach out to friends and loved ones. This is vitally important during a pandemic like this.

Educational Impact

When I got the news that the rest of my semester courses would be online, I was flabbergasted. No more classes at campus or face-to-face interactions with professors and peers. As students, this will be one of the most difficult transitions; however, we should still continue to do our best to achieve greatness.  Continue to reach out to your professors if you’re struggling because they’re along for the ride with you as well. Luckily, Pearson has provided many online resources for students to use that will allow us to adjust more smoothly as well.

What’s next?

It’s hard to determine what’s coming next or what to expect. The whole world is in panic mode and it seems like I’m hearing more and more negative news every day. Despite this, I still encourage everyone to take a deep breath and to stay positive, optimistic, and strong. We’re all in this together!