How COVID-19 has impacted my life as a college student

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Jesus Hernandez
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Like many students in this uncertain time, my life quickly changed with the spread of COVID-19. My school moved to virtual classes and most areas on campus closed. My on-campus job was suddenly not necessary anymore. My summer internship might even be affected. My friends and I all moved back home for the unforeseeable future, so we are all separated. With so much change going on in everyone’s lives, it is important to stay focused on the positive and try not to dwell on the negative. I am trying to make this a learning experience for myself, knowing that anything can happen and needing to be prepared for the unknown. 

Adjust to change

I am still adjusting to online courses, as this will be my first time taking an online course at Fresno State University. Although I am worried about how my learning will be impacted by taking virtual courses, I know that there are many resources online that I can utilize to make sure I understand the concepts. Many students are also worried they will have a harder time keeping track of their assignments. Keeping an updated schedule or setting reminders of when something is due will be key to success in a virtual classroom. I know in the end this will only make me a stronger student if I roll with the punches.

Focus on the positive 

The media tends to focus on the negative impact of COVID-19, however I think we need to try and look at all of the people who have recovered from it, too. As a college student, it is hard to focus on school at all with all of this going on. But I’ve realized that once I stopped scrolling through endless news updates, I was able to refocus on school and get more things done. It is important to know what is going on in regard to this situation, but we all have to keep our mental health in check. While it is important to keep up with current events, look for all the good happening in the world as well. Don’t just get sucked into a time warp where you are only doing homework or not doing anything at all; be sure to take time for you and the things you enjoy. 

These are uncertain times that seem to be constantly changing; it can be overwhelming. One thing I can do is remain positive and hope everything gets better soon. Students across the world have been thrown into a whirlwind, but by being flexible and focusing on the positive, we will make it through together.