Look inside MyLegalExperience

MyLegalExperience divides a subject into its most important topics. For example, within Contract Law you find, among others, activities around Privity of Contract, Terms, and Exemption Clauses.

Law students work through a simulated problem in each topic and must complete a series of activities that build in complexity. This 'scaffolded' approach to learning breaks down complex subjects into manageable stages making them easier to grasp. It also helps students relate theory to practical, professional applications.

Every topic in MyLegalExperience requires the student to:

  • Identify the legal issues raised in the scenario
  • Identify relevant law that applies in the scenario
  • Conduct a practical task that puts their knowledge into practice
  • Reflect on their performance by comparing it against a model response from an expert in the field.

The topics are brought to life through a variety of rich media resources. Video, audio, written pieces and photographs are all provided to give context to the scenario for students and make the simulation as realistic as possible.

The video here is taken from the MyLegalExperience: Criminal simulation.