MyResearchLab teaching guide

These teaching ideas have been put together by some of the lecturers involved in the development and creation of MyResearchLab. They've been written to help you plan how you could use the resource within your teaching to meet 6 key challenges.

MyResearchLab can be used in a number of different ways, so we would encourage you to ask yourself the following questions when planning how to use the resource.

  • What do I want to achieve by using MyResearchLab? What needs do my students have as learners and how can I use it as a tool to help them?
  • How can MyResearchLab help me as a course tutor? It might be to save time teaching basic concepts, help students develop as autonomous learners, or better track student progress through its online exercises. 
  • Do I want to make MyResearchLab part of the summative module assessment or might I use it to provide a richer formative assessment experience for my students?
  • Do I want to guide students through MyResearchLab or encourage them to work their way through it independently?

Below are some potential challenges that MyResearchLab may help to address. This isn’t an exhaustive list - just some initial ideas to help get you started.