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  • Part 1: Problem solving with NRICH

    Read the first of two guest posts from Liz Woodham, Primary Coordinator at NRICH, with advice on how their mathematical tasks can be used in the classroom.

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  • Primary assessment stripped back

    Assessment has been the big issue this year, with the DfE encouraging schools to innovate and approach it with fresh eyes, free from the constraints of levels.

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  • How obligatory are the writing exemplification materials?

    Well, that is the billion dollar question. The introduction to the materials states in no uncertain terms that schools and LAs must refer to them to ensure that their TA judgements are accurate and standardised across and between schools - which actually makes sense. 

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  • Ofsted myths and facts on assessment

    We’re still hearing from lots of teachers that they’re not completely sure what Ofsted is expecting to see in terms of assessment practice and are worried about fallout from Ofsted at their next inspection.

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  • Get the Science Bug at ASE 2016

    If you haven’t got Science Bug (or even if you have!) and are coming to the annual ASE conference, this year at the University of Birmingham, then come along and meet Deborah Herridge on the afternoon of Friday 8th January.

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