Tips from Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen's mission is to make every school a ‘book-loving’ school, because it’s not just about learning to read, it’s about learning to love books. His 20-point plan is packed with ideas for making your school a place where everyone gets excited about reading and talking about books.

In his many years of visiting primary schools and listening to teachers, Michael has come across loads of activities in schools and classrooms that really help get children excited and talking about books. Here, he shares some of this ideas for making every school a place where books are prioritised and enjoyed.

We know that you’ll be doing a lot of these things already, but we hope you’ll come across some new ideas and activities that make a difference too.

Get everyone at your school talking about books with Michael Rosen’s 20-point plan

1. Improve home-school liaison

2. Hold events

3. Create close links with booksellers

4. Appoint a school librarian

5. Set up school book clubs

6. Share information on local libraries

7. Adopt an author or illustrator

8. Try book-making

9. Share books

10. Read widely

11. Try regular themed activities

12. Get the reading habit

13. Collect odd, old books

14. Keep and use book reviews

15. Avoid hidden catches

16. Have plenty of books around

17. Encourage varied reading

18. Perform stories

19. Share precious books

20. Train colleagues on children's literature

We hope you've enjoyed reading Michael's top tips, and that they’ve got you excited about keeping the reading revolution going at your school.

Michael Rosen reading with schoolchildren