Policy breakfast briefing: The Wolf Report

What does the Wolf Report mean for UK schools and colleges? This event looked at Alison Wolf’s 2011 review of vocational education, its context and its impact in detail. You can watch the video here.

In her report, Wolf set out to design a system that ensures a better fit between the needs of young people and the needs of the labour market. Her work both challenged some unpleasant truths and left others open to interpretation.

Watch the video

Part 1 – Introduction to the Wolf Report – Steve Besley

Steve introduces the presentation and gives context to the report.

Part 2 – The Economic Context – Louis Coiffait

Louis discusses the economic context and the labour market.

Part 3 – Analysis of the report – Steve Besley

Steve examines the Wolf Report in greater detail.

Part 4 – Impact on subjects – Julie McCulloch

Julie looks at the impact on subjects and reactions to Wolf.

Part 5 – Conclusions – Steve Besley

Steve gives a summary of the key issues and what happens next.

Part 6 – Delegate interviews, 14 March

Delegates share their views on the Wolf Report.

Part 7 – Delegate interviews, 21 March

Delegates tell us what they think about the report.

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