Policy breakfast briefing: Where's the Spending Review left Apprenticeships and Skills Training?

This education policy briefing looked at how to fund future skills training. You can watch the video here.

One of the big challenges facing the Chancellor is how to fund and provide for future skills training at a time when needs are growing and resources are limited. Should employers be expected to contribute more, such as through the apprenticeship levy? Should individuals be expected to pay more through fee loans and maintenance support? Should funding be re-distributed from HE to support high-level skills training in FE?

The speakers were:

  • Nida Broughton - Chief Economist at the Social Market Foundation @FiveMinuteEcon
  • Neil Carberry - Director for Employment and Skills at CBI @Gramscisghost
  • Martin Doel - Chief Executive of the Association of Colleges @AoC_info
  • Luke Sibieta - Programme Director within the Education, Employment and Evaluation sector at the IFS @lukesibieta

Watch the video

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