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  • Ensuring your online learning content is accessible to everyone

    Ensuring your online learning content is accessible

    The World Health Organization (2020) estimate that over 1 billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. They are the largest global minority group and that number is increasing dramatically as people live longer and the number of chronic health conditions rises. In the UK alone, in 2019/20 332,300 students stated that they had a disability of some kind – that’s 17.3% of all home students. This represents an increase of 106,000 (or 47%) since 2014/15 (Hubble and Bolton, 2021).

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  • Immersive online learning for everyone

    Immersive online learning for everyone

    So you’ve exhausted your TV subscription watch list and are looking for something that offers a more immersive real-life experience? Maybe you could try an immersive theatre experience that takes place in your bathroom or a virtual escape, or maybe some online role playing games?  

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  • Managing large cohorts online

    Managing large cohorts online: Girl sitting at laptop remote learning

    If, like everyone else, you have been required to shift to online teaching this year, you will no doubt have researched the best approaches to doing so.

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