Properties of Water- Density Example 1

Jason Amores Sumpter
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all right. So here we have an example Problem that's asking, Why does ice float in liquid water? And we've got these four potential answer options down below. Now, after reading through some of these answer options, there are a few that we can eliminate right off the bed, such as Option C here, which says that the Ionic bonds between the molecules and ice prevent the ice from sinking. But of course, we know that water is not an ion because it does not have full charges. It only has partial charges, so it's not in I am, which means that it cannot form Ionic bonds. And so because it says Ionic Bonds here, we should have been able to eliminate answer option C right away. Now answer. Option D here says the latticed structure of ice causes it to beam or dense than liquid water. But once again recall from our last lesson video that solid ice is actually less dense, not mawr dense than liquid water. And so, for this reason, right here, we can eliminate answer option D. So now we're between either option a or Option B and noticed Option A says the high surface tension of liquid water makes the ice float. But even ice that penetrates the liquid surface and goes beyond the surface tension. It breaks the surface tension that ice that breaks the surface tension will still ultimately end up floating once again. So it's not the surface tension that's allowing ice to float. And so option A. Although it might be tempting answer option is not going to be true. And so the real reason that ice floats on liquid water is because stable hydrogen bonds keep water molecules of ice farther apart than water molecules of liquid water. And so because water molecules of ice are farther apart, it means that it is less dense. Solid ice is less dense than liquid water molecules, which are more dense, and so things that are less dense will float. And so Option B is going to be the correct answer for this example problem, and that concludes this example. So I'll see you all in our next video