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28. Plants

Seedless Vascular Plants

Seedless Vascular Plants

Seedless Vascular Plants

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Hi. In this video, we're gonna talk about seedless vascular plants. Now, you might recall that seedless vascular plants have a spore fight, dominant life cycle, and they're gonna meet a Fights are quite small, but they're not yet at the microscopic level like those of seed plants. Now they're mostly homos, porous. However, there are some hetero sports species, and they still reproduce through spores as opposed to seeds, which I'm sorry as opposed to pollen, which will see in the seed plants. Now the sperm still requires water to reach the egg, just like the non vascular plants we looked at. And this is again going to limit the types of environments in which these plants can survive. Now the seedless vascular plants are obviously part of vascular plants, which are called trachea fights, and these air just plants that possess vascular tissue that's reinforced with lignin. Now see this. Vascular plants fall into the categories, like of fights, which are actually the only vascular plants to have those micro feels we saw, which are the little leaves that only have the singular vascular tissue running through them, and they include organisms like club Mosses, spike Mosses and quill warts. And if you have no idea what those are, don't really worry about it. Um, you know, you can look them up if you want, but it's not really a big deal that you know what these plants look like. Now the example we're gonna use mainly eyes. The fern and ferns are part of Manolo fights, and these also include horse tails as well. Now, what's really cool about seedless vascular plants is in the course of evolution, they're actually responsible for the removal of a lot of CO two from the atmosphere. And this actually lead to the formation of glaciers because removing all of that CO two resulted in a cooling of the atmosphere. I mean, think about global warming today, right? We talk about CO two getting into the atmosphere, causing global warming rights. One of greenhouse gasses will removal of CO two has theocracies it effect. It's going to cause a general cooling, and this led to the formation of glaciers. Also, fixing all of this carbon led to the formation of coal, and it's kind of ironic, I think, to think about how today we burn coal and put that CO two back in the atmosphere right and cause global warming. Where has these plants removed? Co two from the atmosphere made that coal and caused a global cooling. Just kind of funny thing to think about now. Fern spore fills. Remember those those modified leaves that have spare angina. They actually produce clusters of spare. Angela, we called. Sorry. And that's the plural. Uh, source is the singular, and these are again clusters of sprang JIA on the undersides of leaves. You can see some here, so these are sorry. And here we have the committee fight and the commedia fight actually contains the anther radium and the Arctic oniy. Um, we obviously can't really see it in this picture, but the, uh, anther radium is gonna be down here and up here. We're gonna have the Marconi, um, and these tendrils coming out. These are the oops resorts. Right? Which you're gonna sort of function like roots. Now, remember that thes air vascular plants, so they do, in fact, have roots. But the media fight does not the only the spore fight has roots. These community fights just have these resides, which is fine, because, remember, they're not the dominant part of life cycle. It's the spore fight that is now so thes community fights aren't gonna be really hanging around too long and so to speak. And as we said before, the sperm requires water to get thio the egg right So the sperm will swim to the ark Ogoni, um, and produce an embryo for it, the or embryo that will turn into the new spore fight. And we can see a little graphic of the ferns life cycle. Here we have the spore fight, which is the fern we're used to seeing, right? These were the leaves. Um, here we have all the, uh you know, the routes and on the underside of leaves, we're gonna have sprang, Geum, that they're gonna produce spores. Those spores are going to turn into the Gumede a fight which this is kind of a weird looking picture, You know, this is again what they give me to fight looks like and from this commie to fight this sport, this right here is the spore fight sprout that I've just circled and that is going to grow out of our me to fight and turn into this large spore fight again. So that's all I have for C seedless vascular plants. I'll see you guys next time