Prokaryote Lineages 1

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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Hi. In this video, we're going to take a quick tour of some of the major lineages of pro carry it's and we're going to begin with Pro Dio bacteria, a diverse, played of gram negative bacteria that's actually organized into five sub groups that are named with Greek letters Alfa Beta gamma, Delta and Epsilon. And you can see a file, a genetic tree of rodeo bacteria right here. You might notice that this also includes Zeta Proteome bacteria. This is a newer grouping, and your books likely won't include it now. Many species of protozoa bacteria are involved in nitrogen fixation, and many are also pathogenic species. And you can see a picture of some typical proteome bacteria here. And don't forget that it was proteome bacteria that was engulfed by a cell and eventually would become mitochondria. So uhh, you know this. They're very old type of organism, and of course, they lead Thio super important structure in you carry, it's now moving on. We have chlamydia, which is a group of gram negative bacteria that lack peptic like and in their cell walls, and you hopefully remember that gram negative bacteria usually have a thin layer of peptic glikin below the outer Lipa Polly Sacha ride layer. Well, these bacteria actually don't have that Pepto like in at all. They're also all parasites. All of the species in this group are parasites that live inside host cells. And you can see a picture of that happening right here. These translucent blobs are those post cells, and you can see these three have these brown spots inside them. Those brown spots are the clay media cells that have been stained with a particular stain, turning them brown so that we can visualize them. So those cells have been infected with chlamydia. The comedy is living inside of them. And again, if this name sounds familiar, it's because the famous STD Clay media is, uh, caused by a bacteria caused by bacteria in this group. Um, we often just referred to it as clay media, though the sort of group name now Spira, Keats, our gram negative hetero tropes. And what's distinct about them is their corkscrew shaped that you can see in these two pictures this sort of zoomed out one those little dark squiggles like here and here those our spire keep bacteria. They're attacking these cells that air stained yellow in this image and for, um, or zoomed in look. So, um, an image of a spire Keat, much more zoomed in. You can really see that corkscrew shape in the bacteria and aspire, Keats actually there to famous diseases caused by spire Keats that you've probably heard of it. Those are Lyme disease and the STD. Oops, Syphilis. So lovely thing. Spire keeps right. Lovely diseases. All right with that. Let's And I'm sorry. I'm just I'm just making a joke. Being sarcastic don't mean to make light diseases caused by these bacteria, but yeah, basically, the end point is nasty little guys thes spire. Keats. Right with that, let's turn the page. Talk about some other bacteria.