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A team of 102 scientists spent a year surveying a small area of the San Lorenzo rain forest in Panama to count the number of species of arthropods living there. After collecting 129,494 specimens—using nets, traps, shovels, tree-climbing harnesses, helium balloons, and other creative gear—it took the team eight years to sort and identify the arthropods. Which of the following nested groups best describes the taxonomic context for the San Lorenzo project? a. Animalia > Bilateria > Arthropoda > Ecdysozoa b. Protostomia > Lophotrochozoa > Ecdysozoa7 Arthropoda c. Arthropoda > Protostomia > Ecdysozoa > Bilateria d. Bilateria > Protostomia > Ecdysozoa > Arthropoda

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