Map of the Lesson on Membrane Transport

Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce our map of the lesson on membrane transport, which is down below right here. And so notice. At the very top of this map, we have the words membrane transport and membrane transport can really be grouped into two large categories, which is why we have two branches coming off of membrane transport, 14 molecular transport and one for bulk transport. And so molecular transport is going to be for the transportation of very, very small molecules, whereas bulk transport is going to be the transport of very, very large molecules. Now, because this, uh, image here is a map of the lesson, that means that we can use this image like a map to make predictions about what topics we're going to cover next. So we're going to be exploring this map by following the left most branches first. So we're going to start off our lesson by talking about molecular transport, uh, focusing in on passive transport, then talking about osmosis, simple diffusion and facilitated diffusion, including carriers and transporters and porn's and channels. And then, once we've explored, left most branches to there to the end, then we'll zoom back out and focus more in on the other branches. So we'll talk about active transport, distinguishing primary from secondary active transport. And then, of course, once we've explored these left most branches, then we'll zoom back out and start to explore bulk transport or the transport. A very large molecules, which includes Endo site Asus like fa go psychosis, sell eating pinot psychosis, sell drinking and receptor mediated endo psychosis. And then, of course, once we've explored, these will end the lesson by talking about, uh, XO site Asus. And so this is the way that the map can be utilized and so moving forward throughout our course. You should be referring back to this map so that you can make predictions about what topics we're covering next and also where we are within the map. And so this year concludes our introduction to the map of a lesson on membrane transport, and we'll be able to get started our with our lesson by talking about molecular transport, essentially talking about passive transport and distinguishing it from active. So I'll see you guys in our next video