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A planet is inhabited by creatures that reproduce with the same hereditary patterns seen in humans. Three phenotypic characters are height (T=tall, t=dwart), head appendages (A=antennae, a=no antennae), and nose morphology (S=upturned snout, s=downturned snout). Since the creatures are not “intelligent,” Earth scientists are able to do some controlled breeding experiments using various heterozygotes in testcrosses. For tall heterozygotes with antennae, the offspring are tall antennae, 46; dwarf antennae, 7; dwarf no antennae, 42; tall no antennae, 5. For heterozygotes with antennae and an upturned snout, the offspring are antennae upturned snout, 47; antennae downturned snout, 2; no antennae downturned snout, 48; no antennae upturned snout, 3. Calculate the recombination frequencies for both experiments.

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