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Critical Angle

Patrick Ford
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Hey, guys, let's check out this problem here is we've got a car that's parked along the street. It's on some angled road. It's 35 degrees and a snowstorm hits the area. And basically, what happens is that the icy road now become slippery enough for the car to begin sliding downhill. So we want to do is we want to figure the coefficient of static friction now between the car and the icy roads. So we know this is a critical angle problem, because what's going to happen is that there are some angles or some, uh, coefficients that are changing for that the car so that the car just begins to slide downhill. That's the critical angle. So we already have the equation form us. Remember, um, us is just going to be the tangent of Arthur to critical s so tangent of Arthur to critical s all right. And so what we have here is we have that angle is 35 degrees, so it's really just as straightforward as plugging this in. So we have tangent of 35 degrees. Make sure your calculator is in degrees mode, and what you should get is you'll get 0.7. So that's the answer. And let me know if you guys have any questions