Endocytosis and Exocytosis Example 1

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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All right. So here we have an example problem that says white blood cells of our immune systems engulf bacteria using which type of endo psychosis, and we've got these four potential answer options down below. Now, after reading through these options, we know from our last lesson video that faggot psychosis and pinot psychosis are definitely types of endo psychosis that we talked about in our last lesson video. But as Moses is definitely not one of the types of Endo site Assis. And also, when we look at option D, it says receptor mediated Exocet tose is but receptor mediated XO site Assis is not a type of Endo site Asus and so receptor mediated endo site Asus would be a type of endo psychosis. But receptor media XO psychosis is not. And so we did not talk about that in our last lesson video so we can eliminate option to see an option D. So now we're between either option A or Option B and so, uh, notice. It's saying white blood cells of our immune systems in golf bacteria and bacteria is going to be a solid. And because bacteria is a solid, it's going to be involved with cellular eating. And if it were a liquid, then it would be involved with cellular drinking and recall from our last lesson video that it's fa go sight. Oh sis, that is involved with cellular eating, eating essentially solid materials like bacteria. And so Pena site Assis is involved with cellular drinking. But again, bacteria are not liquids there solids. And so Option B is not going to be correct. An option A is the correct answer to this example. Problems. So that concludes this example, and I'll see you all in our next video.