Muscle and Epithelial Tissues

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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muscle tissue is unique to animals and is capable of contraction. That's how animal locomotion works. There's actually three types of muscle tissue that we'll talk about these air skeletal muscle, which is attached to bone and used for locomotion and posture. And you can see right here we have some skeletal muscle. Then we also have cardiac muscle, which you can see right here. This is cardiac muscle on Lee found in the heart, and its job is to contract the heart and pump, help the heart pump blood, and it xgo out some super interesting features that relate Thio signal transaction in like the nervous system, since I'm getting ahead of myself because I'm excited, but we'll get to all that in the later lesson. Lastly, we have smooth muscle. This is found in the walls of organs and vasculature and is what allows them to contract, and you can see some smooth muscle right behind my head here. Boom, smooth muscle. Now the last type of tissue that we'll talk about is epithelial tissue. This lines, organs and body surfaces, and its main job thing that makes it so important is it conception rate, interior and exterior environments. This allows organisms to create unique environments which allow for some drastically different chemical and physical conditions. This is super important. I mean, think about it. Your stomach is full of acid, right? You need that for digestion. But obviously, if that stuff leaked out into your body, you would be done. Zo. Thankfully, we have epithelium that will line are stomach and keep those. Keep those environments separate. You can see an example of epithelial tissue right here. This darkened line that crosses through them is meant to represent the barrier that they create between the two environments. And there's a little bit of terminology that you should know. The a pickle side of the epithelium faces away towards the exterior environment. So here we have our a pickle side. The basal side faces the interior of the animal or the Oregon, for example. And lastly, there is a special type of extra cellular matrix on the basal side that epithelium sit on. This is called the basal lamb Inna, and you can see a nice image of it here. We're looking at a small portion of the exterior or the sort of outer edge of a cell here. This is the inside of the cell. This is the outside of the cell. And this dark wine right here is that Basil, lamb, Inna, that the epithelium will sit on. That's all I have for this lesson. I'll see you guys next time.