Embryonic and Adult Tissues

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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tissues or complex structures made of highly specialized cells they don't form overnight. In fact, an organism begins to develop its tissues early on in embryo development, following what's known as Gast relation After gassed relation, thes cell layers called germ layers develop these air kind of like embryonic tissues. And there's three types the outer layer or the Ecto derm. The internal cells, which are called the miso Durham, and the internal sell are the innermost cells. Rather, the Endo Durham, and you can see those depicted in the gas strolla here. And if you don't remember what a gastro Liz, I recommend you go back and check out our video on development that covers this whole process of blast elation and gassed relation and talks about how you get to a weird ball of cells like that. Now adult tissues come from these embryonic tissues, and there's four types of adult tissues. You have nervous tissue, which will come from the Nicoderm and muscle tissue, which comes from the miso Durm connective tissue, which also comes from the miso Durham and epithelial tissue that comes from both the end of term and the extra term. Depending on what type of epithelium you're dealing with. You can see some examples of the sort of final products of these germ layers and what they'll wind up as right here with that, let's turn the page.