Remembering the ETC

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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So before we move on and talk about keamy osmosis and this video we're going to share with you a very interesting diagram of this cartoon that can hopefully help you with remembering the electron transport chain or the E. T. C. And so here in this cartoon the electron transport chain is represented as an airport. And so you can see that here this highlighted region represents the inner mitochondrial membrane which is again this airport. And so notice that up above what we have is the outer mitochondrial membrane. And so you can see we're labeling the cytoplasm as this region at the very very top here. And then of course the space in between the inner and outer membranes of the mitochondria is gonna represent the inter membrane space. Which here in this cartoon you can think of as the international airspace. And then of course down below what we have is the matrix of the mitochondria, which is the innermost region of the mitochondria. And so we're calling it here the drop off matrix. And so you might recall that the N A D H and f A D H two electron carriers can be thought of as these electron taxicabs. And so notice that we have these little electron taxicabs down below representing the N A D H and F A D H two. And so notice that these highlighted versions of these taxicabs are in their reduced forms because they have electrons passengers. They carry two electrons. And so notice that this is the full version of the electron taxi cat. And these electron carriers, we know that they can pick up and drop off electrons. And so here these electron carriers are dropping off electrons uh at this international airport which is again representing the electron transport chain. So the electron carriers are dropping off electrons at the electron transport chain. The NADH drop off their electrons at an earlier region than the FADH- two which drop off their electrons at a different region of this airport or different region of the electron transport chain. Now these electron passengers are going to have luggage or um packages that they carry with them. And unfortunately it turns out that the luggage or the packages that these electrons have are going to get turned into lost luggage or lost packages. And so the P and packages can hopefully remind you of the P and protons. And so what this means is that all of these packages or luggage is going to represent protons, which is why we have H plus inside of them. And so we know that there's going to be a build up of protons in the inter membrane space. As these electrons are being dropped off in the electron transport chain. And so these electrons that have been dropped off at these electron transport chain or at this airport are going to need to move through the electron transport chain or move through the airport. And we know that when you get to an airport there are different steps, you have to go through customs and then you have to get through security and then you have to wait and line to get on the actual airplane. And so these electrons are gonna make their way through the electron transport chain to get to this airplane here. And once they're on the airplane we know that they're going to go to their final destination and the final destination represents the final electron except er which we know is going to be the big O. And the big O is Orlando here in our cartoon. And of course the Big O. Or Orlando represents our final electronic sector which we know is oxygen, which is 02. And so Orlando here represents 02 and we know that in Orlando there are many different types of amusement parks and water parks and so you can think of a water park and all of these water slides and we know that once these electrons have gone to their final electron except oxygen, that they are going to react with protons to form water. And so you can think of a water slide here to remind you of that idea. And so we know that a little bit of water will be produced. And so hopefully this little cartoon here can help you with remembering some of the steps and critical steps of the electron transport chain. So that being said, we'll be able to apply some concepts as we move forward and continue to learn more as well. So see you all in our next video.