Prokaryote Ecology

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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There are many cycles of energy flow and nutrient flow er, flow of matter through the biosphere, and bacteria and archaea play very important roles in, uh, all of these processes, the most notable one, though the one that really could not happen without them is nitrogen is three nitrogen cycle and specifically precarious air responsible for what's called nitrogen fixation where they take atmospheric nitrogen, right? And to that gas that most of the air we breathe is made up of rightly, over 70% is into, and they convert it to a usable form of nitrogen Aziz in a form that other organisms can actually utilize and must utilize. Um, and this is, uh, ammonium or nitric nitrogen dioxide. So, uh, essentially the entire nitrogen cycle depends on precarious. To perform our depends on precarious performing nitrogen fixation. So that makes bacteria and archaea the drivers of the nitrogen cycle on this planet. Now, uh, you know, here we have little image of the nitrogen cycle. You don't need to worry about all the specifics of the nitrogen cycle. That's something we'll cover in ecology. Um, the main idea Main thing that I want, You know, you guys Thio, Appreciate and understand is this bottleneck that essentially occurs Oops, essentially occurs here, right? These processes all rely on bacteria, right? We need that bacteria Thio generate usable nitrogen that will feedback into plants and animals and other organisms and is essential for much of life as we know it. So super important process that is, you know, completely on eloquently performed by these pro carry It's now that's not the only way that pro carry its influence the biosphere on, you know, like Aneka Logical cycle level. I mean, for example, there's also, uh, you know what's termed the carbon cycle, how carbon flows through the biosphere. And remember that bacteria, uh, pro carry it's in general are very important. De composers, right? They break down organic matter, so they helped cycle carbon through the biosphere is well, additionally photosynthetic bacteria like cyanobacteria produce oxygen and they actually are responsible for having generated a lot of the atmospheric oxygen on earth. I mean, we're talking ancient ancient history billions of years ago, uh, these organisms were responsible for creating all of this oxygen in the atmosphere. Huge impact on the biosphere. Unbelievable impact on the biosphere. Uh, and as I've mentioned previously, bacteria and archaea also play an important role in the internal environments of humans and ruminants like cows, right? Actually, a lot of other organisms, too. Um, I'm specifically mentioning ruminants because of, you know, talking about the pathogens previously that helped them digest their food. And also it's become a very hot topic and medicine as of late, exploring the the relationship between humans and their, uh, the bacteria that help us function not only the bacteria that live inside us, but also the bacteria, um, that live on us. But specifically like the hottest topic is how the bacteria in our gut help us live. And I mean, the implications are way beyond what you'd expect. There are even studies that have shown some connection between the animal brain and these bacteria. Like literally, these bacteria can influence the brains of animals, and they're thinking really, really cool stuff. And also you wouldn't be able to live without these bacteria. That should also be said. The bacteria that live inside you allow you to stay alive. Um, and last fact about how important bacteria are because I could just go on and on. I love pro carry. It's I think they're amazing. They're arm or cells living inside of you Mawr cells living inside of you, right? More of these bacteria inside of you. Then there are cells that make up your entire body. Drop the mic. I'm done. That's all I've got for this video. Go, bacteria.