by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce co dominance. And so co dominance is a pattern of inheritance, where hetero zygotes with two different Leal's equally express both FINA types from each alil in patches. And so, in other words, co dominance is when two different alleles dominate together. And really, when you take a look at the word co dominance, the Root Co. In front of co dominance is a route that means together, just like cooperate has The Root Co. Which means together. And SoCo dominance means that they're going to dominate together, where one alil does not mask the expression of the other Lille. Instead, they dominate together. And so we're going to take a look at an example of co dominance and red and white flowers. And so it's very, very similar to our last example in our last lesson video. Except instead of showing an incomplete dominance pattern of inheritance here we're showing a co dominance patterns of inheritance. And so once again, we're taking a look at these. Two different alleles are one Lille, which eyes gonna be associated with a red flower phenotype, and the are to Leo, which is associated with a white flour phenotype. Now when we cross a ho mose, I guess red flower with to our One on wheels and a home ozai Ghous White Flour with two are to a Leal's. We're going to get this pundit square that we see here where we get our one and our two hetero zygotes as the offspring. Just like what we saw in our last lesson video. But the difference was that within complete dominance in our last lesson video, the hetero zygotes would create some kind of blended intermediate phenotype. Uh, that did not really exist in either of the parents, however, here, with co dominance, there's no blended intermediate phenotype. There's no pink flowers. Instead, with co dominance, both FINA types are going to be equally expressed. So you see patches of white flour down below, and you also see patches of red flower. And so the white and red portions of this flower are expressed equally in patches, and that is what co dominance is all about. And this is in hetero zygotes that have one are one and one are two Leo. And so hopefully this year helps you better distinguish between incomplete dominance and co dominance. But in our next lesson video, we're going to introduce one of the most common examples of co dominance, which is blood type, so I'll see you all in that video.